17th Ojai Film Festival

November 3-13, 2016

The film submission window for 2016 is closed.

This year we received 406 submitted entries.

The Ojai Film Festival is proud to announce the semifinalists in its inaugural Table Read Screenplay Competition.

From a wide and multi-national field — entries were received from Canada, Germany, Italy, and South Africa as well as all over the U. S. — the following screenplays were selected to emerge from this preliminary round. They include the work of Ojai writer Jon Christopher.

The next step will see five finalists chosen to go before our panel of judges. The winning screenplay will be presented as a table read at a special event during the Ojai Film Festival in November.

The semifinalists are:

The Beholders by Angela Garcia Combs
The Lean by Pearse Lehane
The Legend of George Tirebiter by Dustin Jacobs
Par 3 by Todd Scheiperpeter
Kingdom of the Dead by Todd Scheiperpeter
The Fake by Samuel Lasky
Running Blind by John T. Frederick
The Other Half by Garry Kluger
Lost Art by Ivan Borodin
Gary Indiana by Jackson Waite
Dueling Lady by Edmund Miller
Memeloose by Elizabeth Winters

Admiral Lord Nelson by Michael Rights
Kaffarah (Atonement) by Tom Rossi
Angel Rainbow Car Wash by Tom Rossi
Lockup by Jon Christopher
Teton Reckoning by Debi Yazbeck
Finding Jane by Virginia Shaffer
Via Crucis by Becca Hopson
The Barking Spider by Robert Gately
Black Swan Records by Nia Ashley
1-800-Lady Child by Becky Prosky
Brave Hearts by Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel

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