2012 (Last Year's Festival)



Bite of the Tail

2012, USA, Producer/Director:
Song E Kim; 9 min.

Friday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse

Monday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse

Life is a constant search for solutions—but where to find them? A woman wants to be rid of stomach pains; she makes trips to her doctor, chats with her husband, then finds a snake in her kitchen! In a beekeeper’s hat, her husband hunts the snake outside. Her sister has much to say, but is it true? Student film.


2011, USA, Producer/Director:
Jonah D. Ansell; Producer:
Michael Raspatello; 8 min.

Friday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse

Wednesday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse

A bittersweet love story featuring the voices of Christopher Lloyd, Kathy Bates, and 15-year-old Tavi Gevinson, this film was entirely hand-drawn with Sharpie markers. It includes Gevinson’s haunting rendition of Neil Young’s classic song, “Heart of Gold.” The story will appeal to hopeful romantics and the harshest cynics.


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

2010, USA, Directors: William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg; Producers: Iddo Lampton Enochs, Trish Farnsworth-Smith, Alissa Kantrow; 15 min.

Friday, 8:00 PM, OYES Theater
Sunday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse

This Best Animated Short Film Academy Award-winner is “a love letter to books” inspired by Hurricane Katrina. We watch as a man is blown away from everything familiar except books. In their healing pages, he finds comfort and hope of renewal and helps others do the same. Beautiful, wordless, heartwarming—not to be missed.


The Gruffalo’s Child

2011, UK/Germany, Co-Directors: Johannes Weiland, Uwe Heidschotter; Producers: Martin Pope, Michael Rose; 27 min.
Saturday, 10:00 AM, OYES Theater

Wednesday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse

A young Gruffalo wants to explore beyond familiar territory. Dad warns her not to go far or the “Big Bad Mouse” will get her. Ignoring these warnings, the child sneaks off to colorful adventures in the deep woods. This sequel to The Gruffalo is voiced by Helena Bonham Carter and John Hurt, among others.


A Morning Stroll

2011, UK, Produceer/Director:
Grant Orchard; 7 min.

Saturday, 12:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse

Sunday, 3:00 PM, OYES Theater

Why did the chicken cross the sidewalk? When a New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll, we are left to wonder which one is the real city slicker. Whimsical and intriguing, a simple story is told three times in three very distinct, imaginative animation styles.


My Little Friend

2012, USA, Producer/Director: Eric Prah; 3 min.

Friday, 8:00 PM, OYES Theater

Sunday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse

A hobo feeds a pigeon that follows him, wanting more. The pigeon eats too much and becomes bloated. Flash! The hungry hobo will cook and eat the bird. He’s enjoying it when another pigeon struts up. As he tosses it a bite, the hobo realizes he’s found an infinite food supply. Struck by absurdity, he collapses laughing. Student film.


(Notes on) Biology

2011, USA, Producer/Director: Danny Madden; 6 min.

Saturday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse

Sunday, 8:00 PM, OYES Theater

Remember being stuck in boring lecture classes? Our filmmaker does. His lively visual imagination runs wild while his biology professor drones on about how organisms adapt to their environments. As he doodles ever faster, we see various retributions doled out by a fantastical “robot elephant.” Lots of fun.



2010, Australia, Directors: Alister Lockhart, Patrick Sarell; Producer: Katrina Mathers; 11 min.

Saturday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse

Tuesday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse

Winner of  16awards, will it add another here? An arrogant youngster and an old codger take a road-trip filled with mishaps and conflicts across Australia’s stark Nullarbor Plain. Filmmaker Sarell: “The young man sees his future in the old man; the old man sees the folly of his youth in the young man.” Sure to impress.



2011, Japan, Producer/Director:
Isamu Hirabayashi; 8 min.

Friday, 10:00 AM, Ojai Playhouse

Sunday, 12:30 PM, OYES Theater

Once in 66 years, an underground cicada nymph fights its way upward. The land above appears to be beautiful and safe. But, emerging from its chrysalis, the new cicada is hit by a tremendous earthquake and the massive tsunami that follows. As the battered insect struggles to survive, what new terror awaits?


The Tannery

2010, UK, Producer/Director: Iain Gardner; 6 min.

Friday, 3:00 PM, OYES Theater

Thursday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse

After death, a ghostly fox and rabbit meet in a cool-blue, snowy afterworld. Their encounter develops into an unusual relationship—but when a hunter prepares the fox’s pelt for market, the fox discovers his connection with The Tannery. Award-winner from a versatile animator.



2011, USA, Producer/Director:
Steven Subotnick; 3 min.

Saturday, 8:00 PM, OYES Theater

Tuesday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse

A pair of inked abstractions engage in a dialog of timing, gesture, mark-making, music, and mysterious sounds. Filmmaker Subotnick “treats each film as an intuitive essay,” his primary concern being “the poetic quality of the visual image.” His films have been screened in festivals, galleries, and curated shows worldwide.