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New to the 2016 Ojai Film Festival

In 2016 the Ojai Film Festival is offering four themed segments within the larger Festival: Focus Earth, the Gold Coast Film Series, focus on Young Filmmakers, and the first Ojai Film Festival Screenplay Competition. A perennial favorite with festival goers, the Focus Earth series presents films that shine a light on environmental issues. This year’s […]

Ojai is Bigger and Better

Record-breaking 16th Annual Ojai Film Festival is Bigger and Better than Ever The Ojai Film Festival announced today the dates for its 16th season. The festival will run for ten days, from November 5-15, 2015. Festival organizers decided to expand the festival to run two weekends primarily due to the unprecedented number of high caliber […]

Culprit Identified

Officials from the California Department of Fish & Game have identified the culprit in the recent water main breakage as the work of a “sewer gator”. It is common for people, tired of their pets, to flush them down the toilet and apparently this is often the case with baby alligators. The hardy creatures are […]

Ojai Film Festival and Panavision

Panavision is a long time sponsor of our Lifetime Achievement Award. The chosen filmmaker is awarded $60,000 worth of equipment from Panavision for a month. Want to learn more? Here’s an article about last year’s winner: http://www.panavision.com/owen-roizman-asc-honored-ojai-film-festival

Ojai Film Festival and OVLC

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy will also be participate in this year’s Focus Earth portion of the film festival. We’re happy to have them partner up with us and look forward to seeing some earth-centric flims that highlight their mission. http://ovlc.org/

Ojai Playhouse

Have you missed the iconic Ojai Playhouse? It’s been integral to our yearly film festival, serving as the principal screening venue. In 2014, a Golden State Water Company main burst on ‪‎Ojai‬ Ave. and flooded the Playhouse. Today it’s a derelict pit in the center of town. Golden State Water has been stonewalling repairs and […]

Ojai Film Festival and OVGC

The Ojai Valley Green Coalition will be participating in this year’s Focus Earth portion of the film festival. We’re excited to have them partner with us again and look forward to the films that benefit their cause. Check out their website: http://ojaivalleygreencoalition.com/