2012 (Last Year's Festival)



Chinese Take-Away
2011, Argentina, Director: Sebastián Borensztein; Producer: Mariela Besuievski: 93 min.
Saturday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Sunday, 8:00 PM, OYES Theater
Roberto is a reclusive, cranky perfectionist who thinks life has no meaning. Then an encounter with a young Chinese man upsets his solitude. Though they can’t understand each other, their lives intertwine, leading to a stunning revelation. “It is hardly possible to suggest how involving this story becomes,” says Roger Ebert. A must-see.


Grassroots 2012, USA, Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal; Producer: Peggy Rajski; 100 min.

Friday, 8:00 PM, OYES Theater
Sunday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Jason Biggs (American Pie) and other top actors star in this comedy based on the true story of a tumultuous Seattle City Council election. Eccentric candidate Grant Cogswell rallies misfits and slackers to his seemingly hopeless David-and-Goliath battle with the incumbent. Jeffrey Lyons: “A breezy, intelligent film with vivacious performances.”

2012, UK, Co-Produceer/Director: Chris Swanton; Co-Producer:
William Rockall; 102 min.
Friday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Monday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
At last: a film version of Kafka’s haunting multilayered masterpiece about a man who mutates into a huge insect. The filmmaker “particularly wanted to convey the humor that pervades Kafka’s story, as well as his ability to switch effortlessly from the humorous to the touching.” Richly comic, darkly tragic, always fascinating.
Model Minority
2012, USA, Producer/Director: Lily Mariye; Producer:  Boney James; 95 min.
Saturday, 8:00 PM, OYES Theater
Tuesday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Kayla, an underprivileged Japanese American teen, risks  a promising future as an artist when she gets involved with a drug dealer. After her younger sister’s death in a drive-by shooting and a stint in juvenile hall, Kayla turns to her father and grandmother to help her build a new life. Based on actual events.




The Aerial Girl
2011 USA, Director: Anna Simone Scott; Producer: Peter Sands; 13 min.
Friday, 3:00 PM, OYES Theater
Thursday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Taylor is an urban-cool teen whose life is uprooted when her father dies. She and her mother move to her grandfather’s ranch in Wyoming, where Taylor meets a ranch-hand who turns her life upside down. A double award-winning film with the poster tag-line, “What lies behind the truth?” Find out.
  Fortunate Son
2012, USA, Director: John Lopez; Producers: Alex Swaekauski; 15 min.
Sunday, 3:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Thursday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse

A successful native of East L.A. returns home to run for Congress. When he encounters entrenched political interests, he learns lessons about the real world and his own character. Is he in the race simply to add to his personal success? Or does he truly believe he can make a difference to people who’ve been ignored? 


 Forever in Hiatus
2012, USA/Viet Nam, Director:
Andy Nguyen; Producer: Ko-Rely Pi;
24 min.
Friday, 12:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Saturday, 10:00 AM, Ojai Playhouse
A washed-up former pop star aimlessly pedals a xich lo (bicycle taxi) in the streets Ho Chi Minh City. He drinks beer and feels bitter about life until he meets a 16-year-old girl who discovers who he is. Nguyen’s work has won several top awards; he is currently pursuing an MFA in directing at Columbia University.  Student film.


Good Men
2011, USA, Director: Brian Connors; Producer: Sean Tracey Associates; 12 min.
Friday, 5:30 PM, OYES Theater
Saturday, 3:00 PM, OYES Theater
Two elderly Jewish men (iconic actors Ed Asner and Mark Rydell) argue about the 9/11 tragedy. Who really attacked us? Who was the target—blacks, Jews, gays? And what about that “mosque”—is it an Islamic cultural center? Key concept behind this short drama: “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.”


2012, USA, Director: Stephen Bono; Producers: Forest Conner, Jess Fuerst,
Colin Whitlow; 21 min.
Friday, 12:30 PM, OYES Theater
Sunday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
This coming-of-age dramedy centers on a naïve, too-serious youth fumbling toward adulthood. Will he admit he saw another altar boy stealing wine? Win a contested spelling bee? Seek help from his stepdad? Henry captures the time when we see many gradations between right and wrong—and learn that adults don’t have all the answers.  Student film.

   Incest! The Musical
2011, USA, Director: Grant Reed; Producer: Kai de Mello-Folsom;
24 min.
Friday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Wednesday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Class president Alex has girls falling all over him—especially Jenny. But he loves his twin, Katie, who’s missing sparks with beau Mark. Senior prom brings things to a head. Hilarious scenes and songs set up the final question, “How’re we going to break this to the folks?"  Student film.

 In Film la Nasu’
2012, Romania, Producer/Director: Cristina Jacob; 35 min.
Friday, 12:30 PM, OYES Theater
Sunday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Three young people confront over-zealous custom officers at the border between Romania and the Moldavian Republic. A journey that should have been simple transforms into an absurd comedy, in which the interrogations of the officers and the growing exasperation of the defendants lead to a laugh-aloud ending with a unique twist.

  Je Pourrais Etre Votre Grandmere
(I Could Be Your Grandmother)
2010, France, Director: Bernard Tanguy; Producer: Beroit Blanchard; 19 min.
Saturday, 8:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Sunday, 8:00 PM, OYES Theater
A young lawyer starts a revolution among Paris panhandlers by making a highly effective sign for an old woman who looks like his grandmother. As events snowball, he spends ever more time helping the homeless—even risking his job. A humorous, touching Oscar nominee based on a true story.

 Knocked Down
2012, USA, Director: Reaves Washburn; Producer: Susan Beal; 20 min.
Sunday, 3:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Thursday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
A rising boxer meets tragedy during his first big bout. Hanging up his gloves, he takes over the family gym, training low-level fighters while caring for his ailing “Pops.” Years later he’s sought out by a boyhood pal for a bout set up with dangerous backers. Will he confront his demons and fight again?

   Local Tourists
2012, USA, Director: Doug Lenox; Producer: David Mandel; 19 min.
Friday, 5:30 PM, OYES Theater
Saturday, 3:00 PM, OYES Theater
In this “comedy about despair,” three motel-dwelling misfits learn they might lose their custodial jobs on the boardwalk in Wildwood, N.J. After a night filled with buffet, booze, and strippers, each of the comrades must decide whether he should stay in town or go. Student film.

 Love at First Sight
2010, UK, Director: Michael Davies; Producer: Sandra Gorel; 13 min.
Friday, 12:30 PM, OYES Theater
Sunday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Do you believe in love at first sight? When 70-year-old Arthur (John Hurt) sees Ruth (Rumpole’s Phyllida Law) in their nursing home, he knows it’s real. This funny and poignant film aims to raise awareness about living with dementia. Winner of 11 international awards and a spot on the Oscars’ short-list.


The New Brit
2012, USA/UK, Producer/Director: David Krissman; Producer:
Elielle Salama; 22 min.
Saturday, 5:30 PM, OYES Theater
Sunday, 10:00 AM, OYES Theater
A Pakistani Brit refuses to settle for anything less than his big dream of one day becoming a broadcast journalist. Getting there will require him to stand up to his father, take daunting risks, and deal with London's racial undertones.


 Nonna Si Deve Asciugare
(Grandma Must Get Dry)
2011, Italy, Producer/Director:
Alfredo Covelli; 15 min.
Saturday, 10:00 AM, OYES Theater
Wednesday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
In this humorous morality tale, a wealthy old Nazi fighter dies. Her sons find a 1943 will leaving everything to the village people. Can they find the key to her Swiss safe-deposit box and claim her fortune? Searching for it madly, the sons destroy their birthplace. Only the woman’s loving grandson discovers her true legacy.

   The Pedestrian Jar
2011, Canada, Director: Evan Morgan; Producer: Jamie Cussen; 5 min.
Saturday, 3:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Monday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
A “mockumentary” about an office of Toronto coworkers who come up with their own solution to pedestrian-related driving accidents: every time you hit someone on the way to work, you must put a quarter in the jar. The actors’ deadpan demeanors as they’re interviewed hit the mock-doc bull’s-eye.

2010, Germany, Director: Max Zahle; Producer: Stefan Gieren; 24 min.
Saturday, 12:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Sunday, 3:00 PM, OYES Theater
This gorgeous, much-honored drama follows a German couple who travel to Calcutta to adopt a young orphan, Raju. Then, in the city’s chaotic streets, Raju disappears. A frantic search ensues, straining the couple’s affection. In the end they make a devastating discovery that leads to a haunting yet satisfying conclusion. Student film.

   The Road Home
2010, England, Director: Rahul Gandotra; Producer: Ameenah Ayub; 21 min.
Friday, 12:30 PM, OYES Theater
Sunday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
In this visually and emotionally exotic road-film, a young English boy of Indian ancestry is sent to boarding school in the Himalayas. After he escapes from the school to search for the road home, he endures taunts, harsh teasing, and an identify crisis, because he looks Indian but feels British. Winner of six awards.

 Shoot the Moon
2011, USA, Director: Alexander Gaeta; Producer: Missy Laney; 27 min.
Friday, 12:30 PM, OYES Theater
Sunday, 5:30 PM, Ojai Playhouse
Faced with a failed marriage, piling bills, and home foreclosure, Marcy places her hopes on a game show where she might “win it all.” As the show’s clock ticks, Marcy’s gamble puts her relationship with her daughter to an unforeseen test. A story of miracles and the extraordinary places they’re found. Student film.

   Tracer Gun
2012, USA, Producer/Director: Paul Grellong; Producer: Heath Cullens;
17 min.
Friday, 3:00 PM, Ojai Playhouse    
Saturday, 12:30 PM, OYES Theater
Abby lives in self-imposed isolation, shutting out everyone but her best friends, a couple. Then, on her birthday, she drunkenly comes out of her shell—with her gal-pal’s boyfriend. Her mistake turns into a living purgatory in this su