Ojai is Bigger and Better

Record-breaking 16th Annual Ojai Film Festival is Bigger and Better than Ever

The Ojai Film Festival announced today the dates for its 16th season. The festival will run for ten days, from November 5-15, 2015. Festival organizers decided to expand the festival to run two weekends primarily due to the unprecedented number of high caliber films submitted for consideration.

While many festivals focus on specific genres or subjects, the Ojai Film Festival offers a broad selection of feature-length and short documentaries and narratives as well as innovative animations. The broad selection emphasizes the festival’s theme of “enriching the human spirit through film” by showing the diversity of perspectives, styles, and approaches filmmakers use to reach their audience.

The diversity of offerings for this year’s festival include submissions featuring industry veterans and local talent, including Malcolm MacDowell and Jane Seymour in Bereave, and first-time filmmakers such as Hannah Quinn, director of the narrative short My Bonnie. The Ojai Film Festival also continues to showcase regional talent through Gold Coast screenings as well as international films such as Greenland, by Israeli director Oren Gerner. Filmgoers seeking documentaries about social justice will want to check out Cartel Land, which takes an unflinching look at vigilante attempts on both sides of the US-Mexican border to oust drug cartels from the region. Both adults and children will enjoy the rollicking animation Dji. Death Sails about a pirate who faces off with the Grim Reaper.