Steve Grumette Artistic Director
Steve Grumette is the founder and Artistic Director of the Ojai Film Festival. He has worked in the motion picture industry for more than thirty years as director, cameraman and editor. His collaborative project, "The Magic Machines," won the Academy Award for "Best Live Action Short Subject." His other films have won numerous festival awards, including top prizes at the American and Atlanta Film Festivals. While working as a consultant on the film "WarGames," he pioneered the use of live computer imagery in motion pictures and subsequently created computer effects for more than a dozen major Hollywood films.
Bob O'Connor  Board Member 
John Flynn  Board Member    
David Baker  Website Architect  
Based in Ojai, California David has over 40 years experience and is currently serving as Chair of the Photography Branch of the Ojai Center of the Arts. David Baker is internationally known for his creative web site and graphic designs. He is best known in the United States for his web site design on the 1995 Academy Awards, Super Bowl XXX, Microsoft Windows NT site, and the California State Legislature. He has served as Director of Development for Symantec/Peter Norton and as Computer Architecture Specialist at Intel Corporation.
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